Financial B-OK

This page is dedicated to developing a Full Financial Body of Knowledge (BOK) from a business and personal financial planning perspective. This page is geared for Millennials and all others that want to learn and expand their financial knowledge. The approach will be -comprehensive, -critical thinking in nature and contrarian (at times) in comparison to what mainstream media and other blogging sites might offer.

The goal: Let’s get to second level thinking…that higher order of thinking that transcends the current financial product and service offerings and rather helps people build up their financial critical thinking skills so they can apply them to any new -economic situation over the next 50 plus years of their life….that is right I am talking about something long-term and sustainable.
Why am I doing this? Well, frankly I have been working in the areas for years and I have been having this personal conversation on how I can give value back to others, to society and how can I make a difference. Today, I mentor others on professional leadership development and I find it extremely rewarding. So, here is a way I can take what I know professionally (business strategic financial planning, leadership development, professional development) along with my personal experience managing my own financials and investments to help others.

I look forward to the opportunities and challenges this will bring and in the end if we can collectively create exponential growth on this subject…this economic-, social- and political-subject, then our success will be our nation’s success….and I definitely believe that is worth doing!

-Rachel C. Ybarra 1/1/2015


Thoughtful and thought provoking ideas and comments are welcomed.

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