Career Advice You Wish You Had Received

I have been asked to participate in a panel discussion on Career Advice I wish I had Known Earlier On. I am looking forward to this panel discussion.  I will share the results of the session and post my thoughts on the subject after the meeting (it is being held in early March 2015, so stay tuned!).

In the meantime, here is a short video on the subject of Career Advice and areas to focus on.  I am in total agreement with the speaker and it is the focus of my mentor sessions I have conducted over the last five years.  Take a listen, I would be interested if you had an ah-ha moment?

With so much change occurring: Heighten Globalization, Technology Disruptions, Economic Deleveraging, Improved Longevity, and Geo Political Shifts, it is important to be highly aware of our environments including the businesses we work in, the communities we live in and the societies we are a part of.

If we just focus on understanding the business environment we live and operate in, you will see having a broad and deep perspective of the business, strategic and competitive landscapes will give you a significant and sustainable advantage.  You will see the shifts before they occur, you will help prepare for the changes that are coming and you will help your leadership execute on the strategy.

So be resilient.  Be aware, informed, and be flexible to handle any future.  This means being aware and informed of your business is the necessary first step to become resilient, contributing and around for the long term.



About Rachel C. Ybarra

I love ideation and creation. I love the knowledge that all is possible if people are willing to believe in themselves and what is possible. I love the fact that we are born with amazing minds, strong spirits and hearts that can love and support like no other. How does that all fit into business? Come on the journey and you will see if you want to are competitive enough, you have to recognize that forces outside of the tangible are at play in your success.
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  1. ricodilello says:

    I wish someone told me that dream jobs don’t exist. Every job has its bad points that are overlooked because you think of only the great points of working in your dream job.

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