About i5impact

i5impact is a value-oriented organization that creates investment opportunities with favorable risk-adjusted returns.  Our goal is to invest in publicly held companies, commercial real estate and privately held businesses where there is a large margin of safety, high probability of success, iconoclastic management teams, a focus on financial and human resource allocation, and a keen commitment to long-term returns.  Our investments are privately held and we are not open to investors.

Founded in May 2011, i5impact operates two distinct yet adjacent lines of business.  First, we invest in value-oriented assets including minority ownership in publicly held companies and are looking at wholly owned privately held companies to purchase.  We invest in businesses that are Innovative, Inspirational, Intellectual, Iconoclastic and of Integrity.

We also write about business and consumers through the lens of personal finance which is simply two sides of the same coin.  The goal is to help others create sizable and long-term value by employing the i5 value principles and as a result having the flexibility and freedom to embrace any future.


2 Responses to About i5impact

  1. Ken Carroll says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Good to connect. Lots of great attitude and empoweing ideas here. Well done.

    Ken Carroll

  2. Thank Ken for your kind remarks. I am enjoying the experience and all the great people I am encountering along the way. Keep making a difference in the business world….this is where real change can happen because this is where real money and power meet face to face with humanity if we are so fearless enough to discuss it with those who see it differently.

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